Tikiwiki-devel If you only read one mail this week, read this one
From: Marc Laporte
To: tikiwiki-devel at lists.sourceforge.net
Date: Thu Jul 3 23:30:24 2003


A lot is happening in such a short time.

We are at a crossroad. More and more people are joining the team and want to contribute. Our mailing lists have become "high volume" to say the least.

When I say "a lot is happening in such a short time", I want to illustrate with a recap of what happened on the dev list from June 27th to July 3rd. (one week) I hope I didn't forget anyone. I apologize if I did. Please add your entry to the list. I included almost no activity from the IRC channel and no changes to the demo site.

I have split in two sections.

1- Release strategy and general organization, including tikiwiki.org's
2- All the other great work & ideas

Scott W Fischer has expressed the need for a documentation section and to restart the doc work. (and had done lots of great work in previous weeks)

Mike Nielsen offered to "take a role in creating/sorting/prioritizing the
wiki dev documentation once the official site is up"

Tex has suggested a mini-plan with his concerns on this dev-list,
"collaboratively sort out priorities, problems, roles, design principles and goals". He has also outlined the advantages for a "guided setup process" and planned (predicted?) "WORLD DOMINATION"

Mose has added a new site: http://tikiwiki.org/ and drafted an initial

Zaufi has suggested some tutorials, API docs, architecture/internals
overview, coding standards and other tools to help developers learn "Tiki internals"

Mose, Al Brown & I have discussed on IRC about strategy/goals for
tikiwiki.org and the role of the demo site http://www.feu.org/tiki-irc_logs.php?find=&focus=20030703&action=afficher

Michael S. Zick has given some advice on coding style, security and
branching/release/tag strategy and general Tiki management/organization.

Gustavo Muslera has provided some wisdom on the release (stable, RC, CVS) strategy.

Oliver Hertel (ROM) has suggested some avenues for our 1.7 release.

Awwaiid was asking on IRC about a "wiki for internal documentation, where i could write/read about the permission system for example?"

Chris Holman has suggested a "retirement policy" and a potential
"Professional Service"

Dave Sanders has suggested an "Infrastructure Team", indicated that it would be "really good idea to use Tiki as a collaborative development environment" and is working on bug & RFE categorization.

Patrick Van der Veken has suggested a release scheme like the linux kernel.

Here is some of the other stuff happening in the last 7 days:

Tiki has been awarded project of the month by Sourceforge. Luis & Mr Polidor have been busy with their post-POTM World-wide tour. They now have trouble coding from giving all those fan autographs ;-)

Tony Colley is quietly but surely been squashing those bugs feature

Christoph Drieschner has added a batch-deleting wiki files

Mose has been working on the event calendar and has introduced some multisite features and solved some bugs.

Wang Wells (lonelyp) sent in some patches and a Chinese translation.

Mose & Al have migrated the demo site to Mose's faster server.

Paul V Khuong is sending in an occasional idea, even with his busy schedule.

Mose & Tex have setup some alternate CVS servers to relieve SF

Elliott McGucken is working on Authena/Tiki

Norbert Huffschmid is working on hawiki, including VoiceXML for Tiki.

Steve O'Shea (Soshea) is working on a contact module for Tiki. Good contact module + trackers = CRM

Dennis Heltzel has provided wisdom on many issues, fixed a bug in Multisite and is working on an "automated visitor sign-in book"

James H. Thompson is finding us some great ideas/links to improve our trackers.

Al Brown is helping people on the SF forums and maintaining the demo + test sites

Many people have tested Mose's multisite feature and it appears stable & robust so far.

Many of you have voted for Tiki as requested on the dev list. Our rating is now 9.8/10 on php.resourceindex.com

Damian Parker is solving email configs and is working on "mastering CVS"

peter at 1066design.com is sending his support and ideas to the list.

Ross Smith has committed Mose's htaccess changes to CVS

Terence has hinted at "contributing some relevant in-house documentation to the project in the future."

Greg Berlin is starting to play around with Tiki 1.7

Zaufi has added many cool plugins/features in the wiki syntax and has solved many bugs.

Oliver Scheck has suggested some improvements to trackers.

Inge Solvoll has suggested alternate parameter separators.

Mark Limburg (Lord of the themes) is working on improving out themes (cross-browser perfection), XHTML compliance and hunting for the solution to the leftcol bug.

Greg Rundlett (FREePHILE) has been learning about CSS and will (we hope) be able to help provide the team with some for some "table-less" themes. Will he become our prince of themes?

Unfortunately, Damien McKenna and Kristian Köhntopp have left the active team for now and we hope they will be back with us soon.


This is just to give you an idea of how much action is happening. I think we must find strategies to prevent information overload and have everyone contributing efficiently. A good, well organized, well maintained tikiwiki.org is a big part of this equation. Many people have expressed the desire to have a developer and a documentation section.

Tikiwiki.org could become the future hub of all Tiki related activity (in
addition to Sourceforge stuff of course). We need to decide how we want to organize our development and activities.

I am very happy with the team's progress. I hope the next several weeks are even more active.

Best regards,

M ;-)

Marc Laporte