Nelson Ko

Nelson Ko is an experienced solutions architect and software developer with over 10 years of experience in Internet and broadband technologies. He successfully architected leading-edge broadband content management and multimedia Internet solutions brought to market across the world for companies such as Trans World International Interactive, Telstra, and Anytime Entertainment On Demand; as a consultant with Hewlett-Packard Consulting and with The Fantastic Corporation (Swiss-based startup). He is currently the TikiWiki liaison for, the founder of Citadel Rock Online Communities Inc., and is conducting research on "Knowledge flows and social capital in wiki communities" as part of the open source research program at the Technology Innovation Management program at Carleton University in Ottawa, Canada's capital. He has been contributing to TikiWiki for over 2 years. Nelson is the release manager for upcoming TikiWiki 1.10

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Patrice Weber

Patrice Weber (a.k.a. Nyloth) is working, since Sept.2006, as an Open Source Engineer for the Council of Europe, located in Strasbourg - France. He is currently focused on improving the databases, web hosting and web development platforms in the team that is in charge of the Council's network and Linux servers.

After studies specialized in network administration, software development and mathematics at the Louis Pasteur University (Strasbourg - France), he also used to work seven years for audiovisual professionals to develop and enhance web applications mainly used to collect, import, compare and analyse data from many sources and compute statistics.

He joined the TikiWiki community around Nov.2006 and contributed code while TikiWiki was chosen as a new collaborative tool and framework for some web applications of the Council of Europe. He is mainly a volunteer contributor and has participated in deploying TikiWiki for small non-profit associations.

The other members of the Tiki Admin Group (TAG) are Marc Laporte, Sylvie Greverend, mose, luci aka luciash d' being, Oliver Hertel, Gary Cunningham-Lee, Xavier de Pedro, Florian Gleixner, and Luis Argerich (founder).