So how many people use TikiWiki?

Short answer: A lot but nobody knows how many exactly :-)

Long answer:
As an open source project, there is no registration. As a collaborative Web application, each Tiki instance can be used for small or huge groups (10 000 + users)

We know about the 700 000 downloads, counted by SourceForge.

On one hand

  • Some people may download but never install/use
  • These are downloads since the beginning of the project so it includes some people upgrading their version.

On the other hand

  • When comparing, remember that it's an all-in-one package. In many web applications, languages and features can be extra downloads.
  • And this doesn't count people that install from control panels like Fantastico. It's quite probable that most people install this way.

We don't know how many live installs there are. And many use Tiki for corporate Intranets so they are behind the firewall. And Google can't find them. Here is a way to check the public ones:
Not sure how reliable that is, but the number is huge!

More stats:

Good work everyone. Keep it up!