11h01, I rush on the irc channel, ohertel and damian are here waiting for the show, ohertel works on rss feeds and expect new fun with 1.8.
The time for me to prepare everything :

sudo zsh
cd /usr/local
mkdir tiki18
chown mose tiki18
cvs -z3 -d:ext:mose@cvs.sf.net:/cvsroot/tikiwiki co -d tiki18 tikiwiki
cp -p tikiwiki/img/wiki/*.gif tiki18/img/wiki
cp -p tikiwiki/img/wiki/*.png tiki18/img/wiki
cp -p tikiwiki/img/wiki/*.jpg tiki18/img/wiki
cp -p tikiwiki/img/wiki-up/*.gif tiki18/img/wiki-up
cp -p tikiwiki/img/wiki-up/*xml tiki18/img/wiki-up
cp -rp tikiwiki/tails tiki18
cp -rp tikiwiki/tikidoc tiki18
cp -rp tikiwiki/doxy tiki18
cp -p tikiwiki/db/local.php tiki18/db
cp -rp tikiwiki/lib/Galaxia/processes/Community_10 tiki18/lib/Galaxia/processes
cp -rp tikiwiki/lib/Galaxia/processes/mose_cvs_up_10 tiki18/lib/Galaxia/processes
cp -rp tikiwiki/lib/Galaxia/processes/Music_CD_Loans_2_10 tiki18/lib/Galaxia/processes
cp -rp tikiwiki/templates/Community_10 tiki18/templates
cp -rp tikiwiki/templates/mose_cvs_up_10 tiki18/templates
cp -rp tikiwiki/templates/Music_CD_Loans_2_10 tiki18/templates
cd tiki18
./setup mose www-data 02775
vi /etc/apache/httpd.conf

setup a provisory domain redirection on the following page at 11:30,
restart apache

tikiwiki.org upgrading to version 1.8 cvs

Operation is under progress, it began at 11h gmt saturday 11th october and will only last one or more hours.
Thanks for being patient


mysqldump -p tikiwiki > /home/mose/backups/tiki_before_18.dump
mysql -f -p tikiwiki < db/tiki_1.7to1.8.sql

mysql -f -p tikiwiki < db/comments_fix1.sql
mysql -f -p tikiwiki < db/comments_fix2.sql
and it worked at 11:50

Now, let's fix everything that is broken ! :-)