This release includes more than 500 contributions from 28 community developers, featuring:

  • Replaced Java-based screencast feature with RecordRTC
  • Implementation of GlitchTip for error tracking
  • Enhancements to the Diagram plugin and @Mention functionality as well as new QR and Signature plugins
  • Initial development of Machine Learning using the Rubix ML library
  • New MIT-licensed themes from Bootswatch
  • Adoption of PSR-12 coding standards
  • Improved back-end Admin UI
  • Security enhancements including OpenID Connect and Hybridauth integration
  • Bug fixes
  • and much more!

Visit for the complete list of new features and improvements.

All Tiki admins are encouraged to upgrade to the latest version. Visit to obtain the all supported versions.

Credits and thanks to the various security researchers for their responsible disclosure and helping make Tiki a stronger and safer place!