As runa just added support of Etags for show_image, I felt it was possible to re-activate the image galleries, and noticed that we had some useful files still in file gallery. So, let's see how the load behave, but for the need of 1.9 release cycle we need to eat that dogfood too. I sorted some old content in image gallery, you can add more (if in dev group).

As well, about dogfood, I want to apologize, I found a bug in newsletter subscription that based the confirmation key on the second when generated. as I invited all dev in one click, several share the same second, and then, the same confirm key, which means that one confirmation apply to all. Hmm does it make sense ? The bug is fixed, but the spam is done. I'm sorry about that. Anyway now, we plan to have a weekly tiki newsletter for developers, published by the admin group.

have fun