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I'd like to be able to allow users to create their own "categories" for wiki pages. What I mean is that I want them to be able to structure content. I have the following problems:

* Categories feature: I had hoped that the 1.9 category permissioning feature would enable just this, but it doesn't appear to work. For some reason setting tiki_p_admin_categories on a category for a group does not allow members of that group to edit that category.

* Enabling users to edit categories by setting tiki_p_admin_categories globally gives users too much power because there is no good way to track or roll-back their changes.

* Structures feature: Any user can come along and choose to delete a structure, removing the pages it refers to, even if they don't have permission to remove pages! Additionally, at least in 1.9rc3, this doesn't seem to register in the Latest Changes list, so it can't even be rolled back.

The MediaWiki categories feature seems superior. The way it works over there is that users create categories by creating wiki links with a special "Category" namespace. That new page will automatically generate a category listing of any pages that it links to. Some pages in the "Special" namespace will list those pages which are uncategorized. New pages can be added to existing categories by including tags inside the pages indicating category membership.

I have been trying to figure out how I could implement something like this. I am pretty new to the project. Can anyone suggest how I would go about doing this?


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TikiWiki's Categories can only be defined by Admin->Categories, of course needing the admin categories permission, but this is a site wide setting. Tiki 1.9 is the first step into community features, so expect to see this in 1.10 or 1.11

Deleting pages, actually deletes them, so there is no history to rollpage, you can only rollback editing revisions. its not like a undo feature for every action.

As I say the community based, more user oriented control of things is only just starting in 1.9, so sit tight, and enjoy the ride.

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