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mysql root user deleted

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Somehow, the root user on my MySQL database has been deleted which has pretty well brought my Tikiwiki web site to a state of uselessness. Could anyone tell me as to the best way to recover or restore the root user. My Tikiwiki installation is on a Fedora Core 1 Linux system with version 3.* MySQL (included with Fedora Core 1.

Thanks very much.

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Probably best to search on mysql.com

Not sure if there is a way unless! your other root@hostname user still exists?

Was it just root@localhost that was removed?


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Hi Damian--

This is a problem that I've inherited and I'm unsure how to determine which of the Mysql root accounts were deleted though I do know that only one of them was deleted. Do you know of a way to determine which one remains? I've been searching the MySQL site for a solution but so far have learned only how a lost root password may be changed.


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You can try and login as each:

mysql -u root -p -h localhost and mysql -u root -p -h nameofpc

both will problem for the password

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I don't know if it will work, but give it a shot on yer own risk!):

  • Shut down the mysql service
  • copy the tikiwiki database files (don't know where to find them, good luck...) and any other database you need
  • remove and reinstall mysql, creating a new root user
  • copy back the tikiwiki database files
  • see if you can set up permissions now...

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It works! thx avgasse.