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Hi there, Im a new user to TikiWiki and Im currently designing a website for the Peaceheart Foundation. I have been looking though the documentation and coding but I cannot figure out how to add an image to the top of each page. I have been looking though the template files and adding the <img> code simply into the pages. On top of each page we would want the Peaceheart Foundation image on top and I have been looking though the tiki.tpl and the tiki-top_bar.tpl No matter where I add in the code to display the image, I cannot get it to show up.

When looking at the source code though the web browser, it clearly shows that the image tag is being inserted into the page. Is there a particular class or something in a div that I am suppose to add?

Thank you very much


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Just add standard html in templates/tiki-top_bar.tpl

The code you are trying to use is for content in wiki pages.

M ;-)

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Thanks, I had to put the literal url in there to get it to work. Thanks though

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