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Re: Re: Categories vs Categorized

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I just cross-posted to this thread but now it seems we are getting somewhere.

It looks like your upgrade has messed something up. You should have the following permissions:

  • tiki_p_edit_categorized
  • tiki_p_view_categories
  • tiki_p_view_categorized
  • tiki_p_admin_categories

I don't know how you get rid of the 5th one, that is a database issue, but I wouldn't advise you to go deleting things willy-nilly, as you might break something. You should definitely backup your database at this point! Hopefully, somebody can advise you on how to get your database back on track.

When you upgraded did you run the installer script? i.e. you have to go to tiki-install.php and "upgrade" your database from 1.9 to 2.0. I'm assuming you did because it looks like you have the correct 2.0 permissions, but for some reason some of the redundant 1.9 permission/s were not removed.