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Architecture / Installation

Colorbox Problems

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Attached is a Word document that details some issues I have been having with
the Colorbox feature in Tiki 4.0.

I would have included pics inline, but that feature does not seem to
be stable in this Forum.

I have installed Tiki 4.0 on both CentOS 5.0 and Windows XP (SP3) making use of XAMPP as a base for Windows.

Neither Colorbox nor Shadowbox works in either. Clicking on an image thumbnails results in an aborted color/shadowbox with no image displayed, only the surrounding colorbox.

The documention for how to configure colorbox is not yet posted at the TikiWiki Documentation site.


-Ed (edmund)

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Shadobox / Colorbox IS working for images within wiki pages, but have not been able to get it to work for browsing images in the file gallery (NOT image gallery).

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Further clarification...Colorbox or Shadobox (are they now the same?) works as expected for browsing images in the "Image Galleries" feature, but not for browsing images inteh "File Galleries" feature. Even when the File Galleries are configured for storing pictures (see Editing and Plugins admin interface - General settings). This problem does not seem to be related to IE versus Mozilla or even the version of IE used - 8 vs. 7).

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Seems like it may be a problem of the images not being found (not specifically a colorbox/shadowbox problem - btw, the colorbox script has replaced shadowbox, though both terms can be used in syntax for legacy support), like something is wrong with the urls of the full-size images (especially in view of the file gallery problem you also posted about).

-- Gary

posts: 19 United States
Gary - Thank you for the reply. I'll continue looking into the issue to see if it is a Tiki problem versus a local problem.

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