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Architecture / Installation

Accessing Profiles on 4.2 installation getting a 403 Forbidden Error?

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Hello !

I am wanting to use the Profiles feature as I have used this with another site of mine that is using a version 3.* something quite nicely and I like some of the addins.

I've just installed TikiWiki on a different site www.jacmus-prime.com - initially using the cpanel to do any auto install and then upgrading the latest 4.2 of tikiwiki when I realised the auto install only installed 4.1.

I had some initial problems with the 4.1 installation as the .htaccess that comes with tikiwiki didn't work and all access to the website was being blocked. To get around this I added to the start of the .htaccess file, Frontpage configuration from an older .htaccess file. (I don't really know why as I've never used Frontpage for this particular website but it was originally set up for Frontpage access many yeasrs ago on another server and having had this issue before when I installed php-nuke years ago, I took a guess that doing this might work - which it did. Probably a temporary fix and not the real solution though?)

I think this may have something to do with my current problem relating to the access of the Profiles section. Whenever I click on a page or link to take me to the Profiles or to install a certain profile I am getting a 403 Forbidden error.

I've been throught the admin section and configured everthing tonight and I did not run into any other problems or related problems.

Hope someone can help and shed some light!


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ask your sys admin in your new server

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I did but they believe I have 'solved' the problem by putting the frontpage stuff up. Weird huh?