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theme/tracker breaking on output ?

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I'm rather new to tiki and totally in love with these trackers and worked hard at setting up some trackers, however, they aren't working all that well and I guess that's why the C for Stability. I'm talking about ver 6.3.

I've phpinfo confirmed 96M in server php.ini. and uncommented the 128M in .htaccess.

The wiki page loads approx 50 tracker items, but the theme loading fails and so does the last tracker item and the rest of the page, like header and modules. What's up with that? I've got the same tracker output behaviour with my other two new tiki sites.

I've notice the same result at http://tiki.org/tiki-view_tracker.php?trackerId=5

There is likely a logical fix somewhere and wouldn't it be fabulous to find it.

A terribly formatted screen shot of tiki.org and my site.

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After fine words from the chatroom I installed 7 beta on a test site and the above issue is gone, so far. :-)

However, tracker image fields are not working in 7 beta. And, as my tracker tracks 55 12KB-15Kb images in /img/trackers, there is no conclusion this until there are images on the page.

posts: 16 Canada
I did another install of today's build and testing the demo site. I can not reproduce the errors I described above. yea!!! You all rock.

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