How to edit the footer/Bottom Module?

Sorry if this has been asked before but I am totally new and not able to find an answer to this simple question. I am on tiki 7, and how do I edit the text in the footer? Currently it is showing

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This didn't quite get me there - so I'm going to expound the question a bit:

I understand the module insertion, where I'm a little confused is the actual process of 'styling' the footer content.

IE. The bottom footer of this tiki website has columns of links in categories with headers underlined, then appropriate links below. Each row is its own column, and the links are dynamic on hover.

What styling do we use to format the text, and where is that styling put?

Do we use code in the module text box when creating the custom module? What code? Wiki style code, CSS...??

Does that make sense? The footer like this tiki footer is what I'm after.

Any guidance appreciated.

Rick, thanks for the link, that helps a lot.

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