Submenu Items Not Showing for Horizontal Menu Types

I am attempting to make a site navigational menu (which is apparently no longer an option to enable in the look and feel section in 7.x), so I manually created the menu structure and previously had a vertical menu module in the left section. While in vertical mode the submenu objects (and sub-submenu) are revealed correctly on mouseover, but when the menu is displayed in horizontal mode, they do not. I am relatively new to Tiki, so it is possibly a simple user error. The only modifications i have made on the horizontal menu module are these: notitle=y, type=horiz, style=margin-top: -30px; (for properly positioning the menu in the center of the top bar; if there is a better way to do that, it would also be appreciated). Also, i am currently using the fivealive theme. If any more info is needed, I would be glad to provide it.


just an update: i figured out the issue. for anyone interested:

on a whim I changed nobox to true (nobox=y) and it solved the positioning (mostly, i needed to tweak it slightly) and the issue of the submenus not showing up.

this should probably be documented a bit better as there was nothing I could find through searching to discover this. Overall though the documentation has be superb.


Sorry for the confusion about that. In Tiki 7, a lot of the peripheral page content (that is, outside of the main page content itself) was moved into modules, and its configuration was moved to the admin-modules page. You can still make a menu as before, and it will display as before (this would be a pretty important thing to let drop by the wayside, don't you think? ;-) ). This is spelled out in the release notes, which people are asked to read before upgrading. (Let us know if this information isn't getting through for some reason.)

See also: http://themes.tiki.org/Upgrading#Tiki_6_to_Tiki_7_Theme_file_changes and

-- Gary - zukathemes.com

Thanks pdoucet for your help! I am new to tiki wiki and have been banging my head against the wall trying to figure this exact thing out. Chibaguy I noticed that much of the documentation seems to be built around "upgrading" so I found it difficult to figure out what I need to do as my first time to a fresh 7.x installation. I don't know how to do it but it would have been invaluable to have the nobox=y tip in the menu documentation for 7.x.

Having figured this out however, I was hoping to go one step further and get the same affect (i.e. horizontal menu with drop-down sub menus) for a wiki structure menu. I can build the structure I want and put it in a "wiki structure menu" module, but again it only works in a vertical format. This would make any child added to the structure appear in the actual menu, without having to hard-code the menu (like in the above example).

I think the problem may be the same as in pdoucet's example above. In the "wiki structure menu" module I am able to use the same settings as pdoucet above, except there is no place to put in the "type". Instead I have put "type=horiz" in the CSS Style field... but I think this must be erroneous.

Does anyone know where I should put the "type=horiz" code in the "wiki structure menu" module, or another way to solve this one?

OK, I have found a short-term fix so am posting it here for reference. I went to the Templates folder and modified the mod-menustructure.tpl file by changing:
"type=vert" with "type=horiz". After this the horizontal top bar menu works perfectly with the structure.

The question I have is why isn't there a parameter in the Wiki Structure Menu module that allows you to chose between "vert" and "horiz"? The Structure Menu module has almost all the same parameters as the Menu module with the exception of the Type parameter for some reason. With the code change I made, now I can't have any structure menus in the left or right as they are forced to be horizontal type.

This is ok for me now, but it would be great if this could be added to a future release... I have seen others asking for this sort of thing in the forums before.



I haven't used structure menus in a module, myself, but I guess that because modules are usually used in the side columns, which are narrow, the structure menu module specifies the vertical type of menu. I don't recall seeing any forum posts from people wanting a horizontal structure menu. It would be good to have it as a module parameter, if there is demand for that.

-- Gary - ZukaThemes

United States

I know this is an old post, but encountered the same issue as "pdoucet" back in July/2011 with tiki v7.0x. I just installed CMS 9.0 and created a horzi menu.
What I noticed is that the menu displayed fine using windows XP, didn't matter what browser I was using, IE or Firefox, but to let you know, I was using I.E. 7. I know, I know, need to update.
When I started to browse with a different computer using windows 7 and I.E. 8 or Firefox, the sub menus wouldn't drop down and display.
Only difference was the O.S. Thanks for posting the answer, was about to open a new post, glad I found this one.
Attached is what I was seeing.


Problems with IE7 and Tiki's menu dropdowns are mostly due to IE7's broken CSS z-index functionality (if it seems that the dropdowns are being created, but are appearing "behind" other content). This was solved as far as I know, but I was testing on Windows XP (hoping for a Windows 8 ultrabook later in the year ;-) ), and I think most other Tiki devs are either using Linux or MacOS. My son has a Windows 7 PC so I'll check with him about the menus.

-- Gary

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