LDAP / Active directory

LDAP / Active directory

AD Authentication


It seems that more people have this problem, so
I would also like to hear from people who do not have this problem to see what is the difference :-)

The problem:

Authentication against Microsoft Active directory (Windows 2003) does work fine when I install TW 10.5.

But with the same settings fails with TW 11.1. Sadly enough I only get a white screen, so no error.

The host is Centos 6.4 with latest patches. Any additional info on request.

I wonder why this happens because I would prefer to run 11.x but now I am forced to stay at 10.x

With regards. Mike

This won't help, but I am having the same problems with 12 also, just a white screen.
:-) I wonder why. It seems to be around for a while.


I had the same problem.

I can confirm, the daily build fixes the problem.

Thanks a lot! Nice work...

I can confirm--I just installed the daily build of latest 12x, and the AD Authentication is working again.
Where can I ask/get the target date for 12.1?

Yes thanks for fixing this, its been broken from 10-12 and the Daily Build finally fixes things.


Same for me, I also tested it yesterday. smile

It works. Thanks

Is there an official patch for 12.0? Or a point release I should download? I really would like to avoid using a daily build but do want to get to Tiki-12.X

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