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Order of top-level items when editing a structure

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I have set up a web site using version 16.2, and am having a bit of a problem with structures. When I try to edit a structure, the top-level items are always ordered alphabetically by page name rather than the current structure order. This doesn't happen to sub-levels, they remain in their current order. The toc of the structure page displays them in the correct order. This must be due to some configuration setting, because I tried reproducing on the 16.x demo site, and there the items stay in their structure order. I've tried comparing all the sort and ordering settings I can find between my site and the demo site, and they all appear the same. I do have sefrul enabled, but I tried disabling and the behavior didn't change. Is there a configuration setting that would cause this behavior? Any suggestions of other things to check would be appreciated.

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Ross Oliver

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IIRC this "alphabet sorting" issue was fixed recently, maybe it will be released in 16.3?

Check the commits to the 16.x branch on https://sf.net if you find it there...


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Found it: rev 61372. Applying this change to my env fixed the problem. Thanks.