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Architecture / Installation

Tiki Version Update Notification Confusion

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Good day folks, I have this notice in my tiki admin control panel. And it's confusing the heck out of me, I have tiki18.4svn and it's telling me I need to upgrade to tiki18.4.
Can someone help me figure this out? Thanks!
Upgrade Notification Confusion

I have the same issue with my tiki20.1svn test site
Upgrade Notification Confusion Tiki20

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Thanks John, for reporting. Perhaps someone just forgot to update the version numbers after the final releases? It should say "18.5svn" and "20.2svn" in your case now if you are up-to-date there. That is the price for staying on the latest and cutest dev version of the branch. Please ignore, it should be gone soon (I guess). We are also considering version name change from "svn" to "vcs" or "dev" so perhaps that will change soon too.
posts: 753 United States
Aha! Got it, thanks Luci.