Translating tikiwiki.org content

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I just use the content translation system to translate WhyUseTiki into french.

My question is: is it more suitable to name the page WhyUseTikiFR or PourquoiUtiliserTiki which the actual translation of the page title?

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There are 2 type of content pages to distinguish in transalation process

  • Help pages that have a given name and should follow a strict naming convention. The convention for Help pages is not really defined, but I use PageName,fr because the coma is not common in file names and it will be useful afterwise so we can filter on that in some lists. Those pages are what is interesting to translate, the rest should live on localized websites like fr.tikiwiki.org or de.tikiwiki.org
  • general pages that can have any title, maybe translated with any translated tilmte, as the trnaslation system works ike structures the name is not important. It just have to be unique.


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OK mose,
but in our case, the lambda user french user will prefer read PourquoiUtiliserTiki than read WhyUseTiki,fr, don't you think so?
This is net a help page anyway...

but i follow you about normative content like Help pages.