A follow-up to this event is TikiFest2013-MontrealOttawa


11-12-13-14-15 February 2013


  • Pascal St-Jean
  • Nelson Ko
  • Marc Laporte



  • Lots of good discussion about the upcoming years
    • The essentials "Keep the lights on" -> Tiki Admin Group
    • Decentralize leadership, discuss priorities and state of all 18 Teams
    • Improve join-ability (from submitting a patch on dev.tiki.org to playing an active role in the project)
    • Dev process (planning, roadmap, decisions, etc.)
    • Use cases / Economic opportunities within the ecosystem

Big picture

The long term goal is to have an active committee of 2-4 people per team. Some teams are doing well at the moment, and some are inactive.

Pascal, Nelson and Marc will increase their focus on the following teams. In each case, supporting and if necessary kickstarting. The goal is to increase participation of new / different people so that eventually, the team is fully functioning and autonomous.

Marc, Pascal and Nelson will make sure all the pages of each Team are up to date (ex.: get in touch with all identified team members and confirm if they still want to be active, cross out done tasks, etc.)

Marc Laporte

  • Community, with Torsten
  • Infrastructure, with changi
  • i18n, with Olaf & Alain
  • Performance, with LP
  • Packaging, with Greg
  • User Experience (UX) & Themes, with Duane, Gary, luci
  • Communications, with Rick
  • Branding, with ? (new team since event but spin-off from Communications)

Nelson Ko

  • Developer, with Jonny / LP
  • Quality, with Jonny / Sylvie
  • Testing, with Alain / LP
  • Security, with Petjal as coordinator, Frank G. and LP/Amette/Jonny?
  • Legal, with ELC Olaf?
  • Finance, with Jörn (Lindon is helping out but we need another)
  • Fundraising, with ? (new team since event but spin-off from Finance)

Pascal St-Jean

  • Wishlist, with ?
  • Profiles, with Greg Wheat
  • Documentation, with ?
  • Consulting, with Geoff
  • Partnership (which we just created during the week)

Post-TikiFest: new teams:

There will be a follow-up at TikiFestPostMuskoka

Feature requests

  • extra slash for REGEX validation (Nelson and Jonny to coordinate)
  • Jonny Tiki Maps clean-up
  • Testing infra
  • Show.tiki.org
  • Jonny mobile evolution analysis

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