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This page details the use of WikiSyntax for changing the appearance of characters and words within the text you submit to a TikiWiki site. Discussed here are bold, italic, underlining, colored, and monospaced text.

  • For information on creating bulleted, numbered, and definition lists with WikiSyntax, see WikiListDoc.
  • For information on page layout using WikiSyntax, see WikiPageLayoutDoc.
  • For information on linking to Wiki and Web pages, see WikiLinkingDoc.


  • If you see a really long line with an unwanted monospace font (like Courier), you left one or more spaces at the beginning of a line. Click Edit, and remove the spaces.

Quick Reference

bold __text__ (double underscores) text
italic ''text'' (double apostrophes, not quotes) text
underline ===text=== (triple equal signs) text
color ~~#color code: text ~~ text
monospace one or more spaces at beginning of line text

Emphasis: Italics, Bold, and Underlining

For italics, place two apostrophes before and after the text you want to format.

  • Example: ''italic'' (note that you must use two apostrophes, not quotation marks).

For bold, place two underscores before and after the text you want to format.

  • Example: __bold__ .

For underlining, place three equals signs before and after the text you want to format.

  • Example: ===underlining=== .

To create colored text, type two tilde marks ( ~~ ) followed by a hash mark and the color code (such as #FF0000) and a colon; then type the text, and end the format by typing two closing tilde marks.

  • Example: ~~#FF0000: text ~~

TIP: See http://www.pagetutor.com/colorpicker/index.html for some color codes you can use.
To create monospace text, begin a line with one or more spaces. Tiki will show the line using the spacing you've typed.

  • Be sure to keep your monospaced lines short! If they're too long, they'll push the right column out of the browser display area.


  • If the format you want doesn't appear, and you see the formatting characters on-screen, make sure you've used the right characters. Italics requires two apostrophes, not a quotation mark.
  • If monospacing doesn't work, your administrator has disabled it.

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