Beyond the code, Jonny wears many hats. He is a senior software developer at EvoluData, a freelancer, a collaborator in art projects, and a technical advisor at the University of London, U.K. His diverse skill set, spanning PHP, JavaScript, Smarty, and more, attests to his multifaceted contributions to the tech landscape.

Jonny joined the Tiki Community in 2003, and his involvement with Tiki as a contributor dates back to 2007. Over the years, Tiki has transformed into a versatile web application, a metamorphosis fueled in part by Jonny's enduring commitment. His nomination to the Tiki Admin Team 14 years ago is a testament to his active role within the community. Known for his wit, skill in crafting user interfaces, and advocacy for jQuery in Tiki, Jonny's influence extends beyond code contributions.

Before delving deep into Tiki, Jonny's journey in multimedia began in the early '90s. From co-founding and running Automatic Television, one of London's first multimedia facility companies, to holding senior developer roles at Narrowstep, a pioneering IPTV company, Jonny's trajectory is a tapestry of experiences in television, computers, and design.

As a Technical Advisor at Goldsmiths, University of London, Jonny played a crucial role in developing websites using Tiki (then known as TikiWiki), producing video programs, and, in his words, "remembering how to dream." His involvement in performance-based art projects, such as Divided By Resistance and Thought Conductor, adds a creative dimension to his profile.

The integration of the jQuery library into Tiki, championed by Jonny, showcases his dedication to enhancing the end-user experience. His contributions extend to various projects, such as Kaltura Video, Groupmail, Toolbars, and more, marking his imprint on Tiki's evolution.

As Jonny Bradley marks 10,000 commits, it's not just a celebration of numerical achievement but a recognition of the symphony of collective effort that defines Tiki Wiki CMS Groupware. Jonny's journey from a self-taught coder to a cornerstone in Tiki's development is a story of commitment, resilience, and the enduring spirit of Open Source collaboration. Congratulations, Jonny, on a decade-long odyssey that has shaped Tiki's landscape and inspired the community to dream beyond the lines of code.