hustler, Tuesday 16 December 2003, 00:16:49 GMT-0000
does some one know, how to switch of the helpsystem in 1.8RC2? The usual way to disable the feature in the admin menu didn't work for me.
Damian, Monday 15 December 2003, 21:23:59 GMT-0000
dennis_parrott: you might want to join us on irc channel #tikiwiki irc.freenode.net and grab some "live" support
Damian, Monday 15 December 2003, 21:23:16 GMT-0000
jcwinnie: the Directory categories are more like folders where you can group the sites together and have subfolders too
dennis_parrott, Monday 15 December 2003, 18:46:20 GMT-0000
anyone out there ever install this thing on Netscape/iPlanet-Solaris? i've gotten part way thru and it seems to have some interesting "issues"...
jcwinnie, Monday 15 December 2003, 18:18:03 GMT-0000
I am trying to understand the logic. Why should the categories for directory be separate from the categories created in Categories?
mose, Monday 15 December 2003, 10:46:51 GMT-0000
you are right ! rather trivial to fix (test perm tiki_p_admin_mailin) patch yours if you can. I bet a 1.7.5 will come soon for that and one other such fix.
theserge, Monday 15 December 2003, 05:32:29 GMT-0000
that file is: tiki-admin_mailin.php
theserge, Monday 15 December 2003, 05:32:01 GMT-0000
hey fellas... try going to: [Link] without logging in anyone can add to it... is this supposed to work like this?
musus, Monday 15 December 2003, 02:45:16 GMT-0000
Hey all. I'm having trouble connecting to #tikiwiki, but I wanted to let people know that work on accessibility & styling is coming along, and that I should be back on #tikiwiki on Monday or Tuesday. :-)
mshaffer, Sunday 14 December 2003, 23:32:58 GMT-0000
150 queries to build one page is a bit much!
alan, Sunday 14 December 2003, 21:17:04 GMT-0000
Whenever I use my tiki with Safari or Konqueror I get this float problem where the middle column gets hidden under the left column, any fix for that?
max, Sunday 14 December 2003, 13:46:41 GMT-0000
dear devs: maybe you have time to integrate this? [Link]
schizoid, Sunday 14 December 2003, 08:37:24 GMT-0000
How can I get forward/previous functionality in the articles/CMS? I would LOVE that. Anyone?
Damian, Sunday 14 December 2003, 00:48:29 GMT-0000
you might want to join us on irc.freenode.net channel #tikiwiki and get some help
Damian, Sunday 14 December 2003, 00:47:55 GMT-0000
cybercomp: are you upgrading an existing db or installing fresh?
cybercomp, Sunday 14 December 2003, 00:29:14 GMT-0000
the install error messages are not much help -- if this is supposed to be an application that makes it easy for folks to update postings online, why is the installationi procedure so damningly difficult???>?
cybercomp, Sunday 14 December 2003, 00:26:01 GMT-0000
Can anyone explain what the heck the error message " Warning: MYSQL error: DB Error: unknown error in query: DROP TABLE IF EXISTS galaxia_activities; in /srv/www/htdocs/tiki/tiki-install.php on line 24" Yea, I'm a newbie with Tiki, but the insta
Damian, Saturday 13 December 2003, 22:05:59 GMT-0000
Whats up colorado?? :-)
jcwinnie, Saturday 13 December 2003, 22:02:02 GMT-0000
This is occuring after upgrading from 1.7 to 1.74
jcwinnie, Saturday 13 December 2003, 21:59:37 GMT-0000
Chealer9: Is there a way that I can eradicate the appearance of " $string; } /* vim: set expandtab: */ ?>" ? Before login, the page is correct length, after login it is too wide and I get that glitch in my right sidebar.
colorado, Saturday 13 December 2003, 20:56:41 GMT-0000
Damian, Saturday 13 December 2003, 20:53:58 GMT-0000
hustler: Keep your eye on ReleaseProcess18 page here on tw.o
hustler, Saturday 13 December 2003, 19:43:38 GMT-0000
hey guys, do know, for when the final release of 1.8 is planed?
max, Saturday 13 December 2003, 15:28:17 GMT-0000
mascan: i already located the code. i have finals right now in uni, so time is limited. i will keep you posted.
StarRider, Friday 12 December 2003, 22:01:09 GMT-0000
I get permission denied all the time using 1.8RC. The stupid thing logs me off & I can not find the setting for the timelimit.