ohertel, Friday 24 October 2003, 17:13:00 GMT-0000
Eric: try to connect to irc channel #tikiwiki in net irc.freenode.net, there we can help you.
Buiu, Friday 24 October 2003, 16:28:18 GMT-0000
artied: commas worked OK for me
artied, Friday 24 October 2003, 15:03:27 GMT-0000
quick question - manual doesnt have the answer - re surveys - what separator do i use to generate separate option in a list - semicolon, colon , what??
Eric, Friday 24 October 2003, 14:37:56 GMT-0000
Gawd I need help
marianne, Friday 24 October 2003, 12:59:03 GMT-0000
i've just installed and started configuring tiki on my personal website and i'm impressed... what a great tool! keep up the great work!
Buiu, Friday 24 October 2003, 12:58:09 GMT-0000
I would like to add a forum for support in brazilian Portuguese. Who does that? (or how do I do that?)
Buiu, Friday 24 October 2003, 11:59:52 GMT-0000
Hey, Chealer9, found a small problem when translating Tiki -- check your new messages!
Chealer9, Thursday 23 October 2003, 21:48:06 GMT-0000
whosyerdaddy, Thursday 23 October 2003, 21:34:51 GMT-0000
Chealer I redid my whole tiki site! wack! adn still with 1.7.3 my email still dont work!
rene, Thursday 23 October 2003, 18:40:42 GMT-0000
wiki plugins: ofcourse {CENTER}xx{CENTER} works, but why doesn't this work: {CENTER2}xx{CENTER2} incl. changed names of the inner functions to ... center2?
maymann, Thursday 23 October 2003, 16:50:42 GMT-0000
module takes my site down - how do i fix it ? http://www.boxseat.dk
kennykwok, Thursday 23 October 2003, 16:03:56 GMT-0000
Hi everybody, how to upgrade from 1.7.2 ?
Chealer9, Thursday 23 October 2003, 15:54:25 GMT-0000
I have to admit Tiki is great :-)))
RobbinBonthond, Thursday 23 October 2003, 13:57:26 GMT-0000
Thank you all for a great tool !
Dilku, Thursday 23 October 2003, 09:37:58 GMT-0000
The FAQs of this seems having lot of problems, is there anyone uses it??
roysinn, Wednesday 22 October 2003, 20:53:59 GMT-0000
With fulltext search disabled, article heading but not body is searched, correct?
momo, Wednesday 22 October 2003, 17:45:15 GMT-0000
is what I wanted to avoid. Workarounds?
momo, Wednesday 22 October 2003, 17:43:22 GMT-0000
Using the Directory listings, I just added a link to an article in the Wall Street Journal I'm logged into wsj.com right now, and the link I created shows me the page directly, but the cache link shows me (and visitors to my site) the login screen, which
mose, Wednesday 22 October 2003, 10:21:23 GMT-0000
rene: use /tiki-login_scr.php
rene, Tuesday 21 October 2003, 23:00:35 GMT-0000
suddenly there is no login-box for name and password. How can I login? (tiki v7.2)
oxus, Tuesday 21 October 2003, 20:59:32 GMT-0000
I want to install tiki in apache directory root /httdocs. IS posiblle?
bluemacon, Tuesday 21 October 2003, 20:49:55 GMT-0000
oxus: this has been very helpful to me, a total newbie: [Link]
oxus, Tuesday 21 October 2003, 20:45:56 GMT-0000
I have some problem to install tiki on my winxp , apache , mysql and php. If someone can help my: oxus@k.ro
bluemacon, Tuesday 21 October 2003, 20:25:17 GMT-0000
doesnt anyone think there's an architecture problem here, when people are saying things like "shoutbox is for xxx"; "go to forums for that"' and "wiki is not chat"? seems like we have a functionality definition challenge...
hburken, Tuesday 21 October 2003, 18:43:01 GMT-0000
mooi man! :-)