Damian, Monday 27 October 2003, 15:04:40 GMT-0000
Is there any way to speed up the forums?
marianne, Monday 27 October 2003, 13:04:15 GMT-0000
PrezKennedy and deimos: I have also posted my problem in InstallTikiTroubleShootingDoc as well. I will check if it's not a GD problem after all. thanks for your support ;-)
sylvie, Monday 27 October 2003, 13:03:40 GMT-0000
jmj: can you report the accents problems you have on the french tw forum, to see if all is fixed (résultats in Poll in fixed as soon as the cache is deleted
marianne, Monday 27 October 2003, 13:02:18 GMT-0000
damian: thanks, but i've checked it and chmod 777 it anyway. i don't have GD installed, but image magick instead. is GD compulsory? also, the setup keeps changing my prefs from image magick back to GD :-(
mose, Monday 27 October 2003, 11:43:24 GMT-0000
cowboy neal is not dead ! the poll proves that people still love it (or maybe it's all about cultural impact of monthy python ?)
chandru, Monday 27 October 2003, 08:13:41 GMT-0000
I get a fatal error "Undefined class name 'tikisetup' in " when I try to browse tiki-install.php can anyone help me out in solving the problem...
deimos, Monday 27 October 2003, 04:15:22 GMT-0000
i'm having problems uploading images with tiki 1.7.3. I just posted in InstallTikiTroubleShootingDoc. Perhaps you're having the same problems?
PrezKennedy, Monday 27 October 2003, 01:02:56 GMT-0000
marianne, I have a similar problem with uploading images, so you aren't alone!
jmj, Monday 27 October 2003, 00:56:26 GMT-0000
Chealer9: Thank's, I put it.
Chealer9, Monday 27 October 2003, 00:32:38 GMT-0000
jmj, Monday 27 October 2003, 00:19:22 GMT-0000
Le site a souvant des problemes d'acces est-ce qu'un hebergement ou un mirroir sur l'Europe au titre de ma conrbution a TikiWiki sur un serveur avec une ligne de 18Mbps vous interreserait-il ?
chymian, Sunday 26 October 2003, 15:23:29 GMT-0000
i have updated 1.6.1 to 1.7.3 (run sql update as well) and can no longer login to my page?? any hints
Damian, Sunday 26 October 2003, 14:00:35 GMT-0000
marianne: Check your GD library and possibly permission on your upload folder
marianne, Sunday 26 October 2003, 12:12:49 GMT-0000
i have installed tiki 1.7.2 (1.7.3 sends a page not found error (!) and I cannot upload any images :-(
mose, Sunday 26 October 2003, 10:19:47 GMT-0000
thanks for the report ! it has been fixed.
frantek, Sunday 26 October 2003, 09:38:15 GMT-0000
notepad shows up s mysql error on tikwik.org
cheon, Saturday 25 October 2003, 14:29:46 GMT-0000
How can I create a new wiki page?
chandru, Saturday 25 October 2003, 10:29:25 GMT-0000
Hi All !!!! Happy Diwali wishes to all INDIAN's who use tikiwiki.....
mose, Saturday 25 October 2003, 01:07:23 GMT-0000
we had huge load on tw.o today. Some perturbation have been noticed, but now it should be fine.
jkring, Friday 24 October 2003, 19:58:10 GMT-0000
I can't edit Wiki pages on TW.o. I get "Can't Find Server" errors
akira, Friday 24 October 2003, 19:50:38 GMT-0000
I can also load them with links (text browser) from another host.
akira, Friday 24 October 2003, 19:50:03 GMT-0000
More on the forums being inaccessable.....I'm unable to load any of the individual forums with Internet Explorer. However from the same computer I can load them (however very slowly and with errors at the top) with mozilla. I can also load them with lin
akira, Friday 24 October 2003, 19:19:50 GMT-0000
Are the forums broken? I can't seem to load anything past [Link] Can't load any of the forums.
Buiu, Friday 24 October 2003, 18:08:58 GMT-0000
artied: you're welcome
artied, Friday 24 October 2003, 17:55:29 GMT-0000
buiu thanks for that

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