omstefanov, Thursday 05 August 2010, 12:29:00 GMT-0000
Yes, I'm interested in a German Tiki User Group. Where/how to register?
Torsten, Thursday 08 July 2010, 20:03:29 GMT-0000
anybody interested in participating in a 'German Tiki User Group'? People from Austria, Swizerland, Belgium, Germany and every german-speaker
sumopi, Saturday 03 July 2010, 22:46:10 GMT-0000
It is the most innovative way of building websites
nikmes, Thursday 01 July 2010, 21:23:10 GMT-0000
just to say that TikiWiki is an amazing piece of software. Using it for more than 3 years as knowledge base in my compony
ricks99, Monday 28 June 2010, 23:14:42 GMT-0000
@MacLeod: see [Link] can you help expand?
MacLeod, Monday 28 June 2010, 15:09:43 GMT-0000
Tiki users, admins, & developers in Florida, see [Link] !
olibird, Monday 28 June 2010, 14:55:38 GMT-0000
Just tried it on the demo site, [Link] not working there either.
olibird, Monday 28 June 2010, 14:21:00 GMT-0000
Has anyone been able to get Wiki Staging & Approval to work on Tiki 5.0?
helpin, Sunday 27 June 2010, 08:08:24 GMT-0000
chibaguy, Thursday 24 June 2010, 22:48:17 GMT-0000
ghans, please use the forums for this kind of question.
ghans, Wednesday 23 June 2010, 08:00:36 GMT-0000
I wish to upload a file (zipped file/ video) to my file gallery but failed. Its throwing the error " 'Upload was not successful. Duplicate file content'.
ricks99, Tuesday 22 June 2010, 12:40:23 GMT-0000
@brickie: pls see the release notes. fully detailed there
brickie, Monday 21 June 2010, 07:18:09 GMT-0000
Thanks for your help chibaguy but its all Greek to me, sorry.
chibaguy, Sunday 20 June 2010, 04:32:57 GMT-0000
If problems in 5.0 with uploaded images being 0x0 or accent characters, etc., malformed, try commenting out the last line of db/local.php (add two forward slashes at the beginning of the line about $client_charset).
sully, Friday 18 June 2010, 11:29:41 GMT-0000
I've posted a comment in the forums if anyone cares to try tohelp
sully, Friday 18 June 2010, 11:23:06 GMT-0000
i'll be specific. I've got some flash games that i'd like to store in a podcast gallery. I'd then like to make list of the games so my students can either download the game (swf) or click and play the game in a shadowbox/colorbox
sully, Friday 18 June 2010, 11:18:45 GMT-0000
i've had a look at the forums. no luck. anyone good with displaying .swf files in colorbox
ricks99, Monday 14 June 2010, 17:17:43 GMT-0000
@ellenrohq: for support, use the forums
ellenrohq, Monday 14 June 2010, 15:12:50 GMT-0000
coul anybody help me with the rss feeds from my wiki? [Link] I'm using tikiwiki 4.1 Thx!
mwknowles, Sunday 13 June 2010, 22:19:52 GMT-0000
chibaguy and others: Upgrading to 4.1 solved the Articles problem. Thanks for the suggestions.
mwknowles, Saturday 12 June 2010, 21:59:22 GMT-0000
Articles still get Internal Server Error. All other tikiwiki features are working perfectly... Perhaps I should upgrade from 4.1 to 4.2.
mwknowles, Saturday 12 June 2010, 15:36:22 GMT-0000
@chibaguy Thanks -- it's been running fine for awhile and this behavior happens only with Articles. I'll follow your suggestions thanks!
chibaguy, Saturday 12 June 2010, 09:25:10 GMT-0000
mwknowles, make sure your files were installed completely, etc. This doesn't happen normally in Tiki installations. Use the forum for other details, etc.
mwknowles, Saturday 12 June 2010, 04:03:57 GMT-0000
How can I troubleshoot an Internal Server Error? Error log says premature end of script header in tiki-edit_admin.php
Torsten, Tuesday 08 June 2010, 15:13:02 GMT-0000
@eenewbie: tonight, regarding to your question in the #tikiwiki chat, I was told that there is a bug with forums_last_posts in Tiki4, that was fixed only in Tiki5. I´d say luci or xavi told me that. Cheers.

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