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Help! Can't remove menu module

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Hi Maeve

Which version of Tiki are you using?

Security has changed quite a bit (for the better of course ;) over recent versions of Tiki so it's possible one of the ways of removing a module has been missed out.
You can "un-assign" a module by either clicking the spanner (some say wrench) icon on the module in the zone list and selecting "Unassign" (seems to work ok for me in latest 21.x), or you can double click the module and click "remove" on the popup dialog (oh...) or you can click the red X on the title bar of the module, actually both of those fail for me, but are fixed in 22.x so i'll fix that 21.x too...

In the meantime, just use the one on the little actions menu on the "assigned modules" list.