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Custom Share Module 0.1dev


General Description

The directory organizes Web links into convenient categoriessimilar to the dmoz open directory project or Yahoo! Users can browse link descriptionsnavigating the categories by drilling down to increasingly specific sub-categories. Or they may search for specific text. Users can also suggest links they would like to see added to a directory. Thus, a successful directory is built by its Tiki community.

Admins, or editors they designate, can validate user suggestions before they are posted. An unlimited number of categories can be created and they can be related to one another--encouraging users to move from one to another. Tiki tracks the addition of new links and the amount of traffic they attract. Users can view the top-ranked new sites and cool sites (heavy traffic sites) by clicking a button. Optionally, directory rankings/stats modules can be displayed in Tiki columns.

Key Function and sub-features

  • Organize Web links into categories.
  • Searchable.
  • Users may submit link suggestions which admins then approve/reject.
  • Editors may be appointed to moderate specific categories.
  • Sites that are linked to may be cached--avoiding the problem of dead links.
  • Displays top-ranked sites by useage.
  • Displays most recently added sites.
  • Top-ranked and recent sites may be displayed in a Tiki module.
  • Directory categories may be associated (related) to one another or to Tiki's global categories.

Typical Uses


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