TikiFest Porto 2008 has ended.

We have some photos and videos.



TikiFest is a tradition in the TikiWiki community. A TikiFest is when there is a meeting between at least 2 TikiWiki contributors that don't usually meet. This is an occasion, usually, to drink adult beverages, get some laptops out and code wildly in group sessions and/or discuss about wiki technology and culture, etc. depending the mood and context. It is a great opportunity for Tiki users and Tiki power users to meet some of the developers and learn more stuff biggrin

This TikiFest is co-located with WikiSym held on September 8-9-10

If you are not a TikiWiki user but are just looking for a place to hang out and get some wifi, by all means, please do join us! biggrin


September 5-6-7, 2008

September 5th 9h to 20h
September 6th 9h to 20h
September 7th 9h to 20h
20h+ Wiki House Party with all ))WikiSym(( people!


Porto, Portugal

Accommodation: Rented House Sept 4th-14th

We have rented a house which is 4 metro stations away from WikiSym. The TikiFest will be held in this house and TikiFesters can stay there. We have 4 bedrooms. Bring your mattress & sleeping bag if you can. We are still working out the Internet connection there. If you have shareable 3G access please indicate when you add your name to the list below.

Wiki house
Rua do Paraiso, Number 44
Porto, Portugal

From the airport

  • You can take a cab (€20-€25)
  • or take the metro from the airport and get out at the Lapa station and Paraiso exit (50 meters from the house).
    • is this right? Map seems to says station Faria Guiamaräes is closer...

Alternate accommodation: Albergaria Residência do Vice-Rei



Please specify if you are willing to share a room with another TikiFest attendant to reduce costs.

Namehome cityArrival DateDepartureNote
Marc Laporte Montreal Canada 4th at 12h05 at OPO airport 12th has booked house
Alain Désilets Gatineau Canada 4th at 11h00 14th in house & will bring two self-inflating camping mattresses
Xavier de Pedro Barcelona Spain 5th 8:50h a.m. local time 9th 20:25h local time in house & will bring inflating mattress
Louis-Philippe Huberdeau Montreal Canada 4th 8:10 AM 14th 9:30 AM in house
Alexander 'amette' Mette Bayreuth Germany4th at 10h50 at OPO airport13th 14h10 from OPO airport in house
Régis Barondeau Montreal Canada the 5th ETA 12:50PM the 11th in house - I have no extra mattress
Olaf-Michael Stefanov Vienna Austria 4th (ca. midnight) 14th — (has already booked-oms) — can share room with a non-smoker but as my wife may be coming in on last day of WikiSym please keep me as last resort for sharing (oms)
Matthew (MatWho) South Portugal 4th by car 11th My wife/friends may be coming in on the WikiSym days I don't mind staying somewhere else if there is a shortage of rooms. I can bring 2 wi-fi routers with 3G cards (only work if there is good cellphone coverage). Also do you need mattresses/blankets/food/computer stuff etc. give me a shopping list!
Suzanne Jones Vienna Austria 4th around midnight (same flight as Olaf) 8th am Staying in Albergaria Residência do Vice-Rei hotel. Can bring wireless hub (this is not 3G cry this only works in Austria). Just staying for the ))TikiFestPorto((.
You? If you want to participate just add your name come as you are if you need a laptop please indicate it so someone will bring an extra for you.

Suggested topics

1.1.1. AulaWiki

    1. Analyze AulaWiki especially the workspaces (Some things may have been added to main code base since). See new workspaces prototype and development in progress for Tiki socialization TikiSocialization_EN2.pdf (1.17 Mb).
    2. Port to main code base what makes sense to (presumably in 1.11)
    3. DogFood it for mods.two or dev.tw.o (to make it gforge-style)
    4. Make a roadmap for all the rest of the functionality.

Let's make sure it will be compatible with Tiki WikiFarm / Native multi-site/multi-domain handling. A workspace could be a separate domain.

1.1.2. Cross Lingual Wiki Engine

1.1.3. TikiTests

  • Figure out how to make it work on localhost so people can test on their local machine before committing changes to SVN.

1.1.4. Documentation for 2.0

  • Have that feature request coded: http://dev.tiki.org/wish1184
    It has been rated as "9" for almost a year... When coded, it will help a lot to produce a new and updated Tiki Manual pdf for 2.0 and later versions. And it's time to release a new Tiki reference handbook (pdf) for Tiki 2.0

Sylvie: is it still a problem with 2.0. I worked on this. multipage print for structures

  • Improve http://doc.tiki.org/Documentation to make it more "Tiki 2.0" ready
  • Trackers:
    one of the more powerful features in Tiki and one of the less documented to let people take advantage of all their power.
    • produce wink tutorials? produce more static documentation and screenshots? Action field? Compute field?
  • Howto use "profiles": http://profiles.tiki.org so that other people can help on preparing profiles for documented use cases ...

fix bugs which affect to TW community organization (see WhoWhat )

  • filter by summary doesn't show the text input field to me here on dev.tw.o/tracker5: bug1666
  • if tracker linked to a group subscribe from Plugin SUBSCRIBEGROUP should go to insert tracker item: bug1793
  • allow seing username in user tracker at registration time step 2 (filling user tracker item) + compulsory checkbox not working as compulsory: bug1860
    1.10:"Use tracker for more user info." should automatically link username&email from 1st reg. screen : bug1180
  • user info from linked group tracker item gets wrong info for "username" if "usernamemoretext" exists bug1902
  • fix http://dev.tiki.org/tiki-index.php?page=Custom+email+message+to+new+tikiwiki.org+registrants

1.1.6. Letters

Marc will explain

1.1.7. New dedicated server

  • Amette & Marc can set up
  • dev.tw.o and doc.tw.o need to be moved urgently

1.1.8. Translating and the Computer 30

Olaf, Alain and Marc can plan strategy

1.1.9. Event Management System profile

Imagine TikiWiki was used to manage an event like WikiSym. What feature set would be needed?

We could interview Ademar who just went through the whole process.

We could

1.1.10. Shopping cart/ecommerce

Shopping Cart

1.1.11. ointegrate

1.1.12. Flex & Tiki

Suzanne will show us some nifty stuff:

The demo consists of a Flex component as a Flash Plug-In that read data from a tracker with dynamic filtering. The data was called from a custom php file to return XML Data output from a Smarty Template. The hope is that the flex components may one day be used as widget/plug-ins in future releases to further enhance the look and feel of Tiki. This represents just one important advance of Tiki and Flash and will utilise some of the exiting new features currently being built into Tiki and planned for the next major release.

1.1.13. Viral TikiWiki


1.1.14. Olaf has some photos on his humble Tiki Wiki page cool


1.1.15. Add your topic here!


Dogfooding Module minichat for the time being, and hopefully, using trying a better dogfood solution like PluginPhpfreeChat

 Failed to execute "minichat" module
Required features: feature_minichat. If you do not have permission to activate these features, ask the site administrator.

Shopping list

  • Paper for printer
  • 20 envelopes
  • 10 Pens
  • Router to replace Suzanne's one when she leaves.
  • Projector
  • White board to share ideas

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