Tiki Birthday Final

Tiki Wiki CMS Groupware started out as a project of Luis Argerich stemming from an organization in the health sector in Argentina some nineteen years ago. Tiki is now a leader in its segment of open source software — not a simple content management system but a category-defying combination of components that offer scalability and adaptability to solve any number of problems. It’s a powerful tool for creating websites, managing content, storing and retrieving data, providing data analytics, facilitating collaboration, and more.

Today, under the guidance of the Tiki Software Community Association and its admin group, the project has advanced due to the participation of scores of active developers and hundreds or thousands of users who have created projects, websites, and applications, ranging from personal blogs to government projects, all powered by Tiki.

The last year has been extremely kind to us. We released a major stable version, Tiki 23, which includes more than 500 contributions from 28 community developers. Many new features were introduced, such as:

Community members currently are working on Tiki 24, a long-term support version. We cannot thank enough those who are steadily upgrading, improving, and fixing the code, bringing new features, and providing feedback and documentation. Due to efforts like these, the Tiki project has survived and thrived in our world of evolving IT trends and proliferation of software.

Here’s to our culture of resilience, creativity, and innovation!