The Community Worldmap is now Live!

Author: ang - Published

Our Tiki Map features the community worldmap here on tikiwiki.org semi-dynamically from now on: in a nice zoomable, panable, layered fashion.

If you feel like adding your spot, edit your location in User Preferences.

Thanks to Franck, Spatialguru, Mose, the users and developers of the Mapserver community, and all others who inspired and worked on these features!

TikiWiki 1.8.4 has been released!

Author: Terence - Published

TikiWiki 1.8.4 is out! The files can be found at the usual location on Sourceforge. Tiki admins are strongly urged to upgrade to this version due to a vulnerability in versions 1.8 through 1.8.3 that allows individual wiki page permissions to be bypassed. Several path disclosure vulnerabilities have also been removed in the smarty_tiki area. Read on for more information regarding other bugfixes and enhancements, or visit ReleaseProcess184.

PHP Memory Limit Requirements

Author: Damian Parker - Published

A common question has been asked many many times both in the tiki forums and also on our IRC channel. The question is: Fatal error: Allowed memory size of 8388608 bytes exhausted (tried to allocate 737280 bytes) in xxxxx or sometimes, I keep getting blank or half drawn pages, whats the problem?
The answer is that PHP is running out of memory! Click read more for some solutions to the problem.

TikiWiki 1.9 rc2 is out

Author: Damian - Published

The second release candidate of TikiWiki 1.9 is now out on SourceForge.

Please download and help us to eliminate showstopping bugs and make TikiWiki 1.9 one of the best Tiki's yet.

Tiki 1.7.8 released

Author: Damian Parker - Published

TikiWiki 1.7.8 has now been released. 1.7.8 contains the important Wiki page rollback fix that security work in 1.7.7 created.

We also recommend that you try TikiWiki 1.8.3 which will soon replace our stable 1.7.x Tiki family

1.9rc1 is ready

Author: Mose - Published

After days and nights of checking and testing here is coming the first release candidate in the Sirius (1.9) family of Tikiwiki.

Download from SourceForge

Please keep in mind it's a developers release, not intended to be used in production except if you follow development process somewhat closely.

Tikiwiki.org under 1.9 pre-release

Author: mose - Published

Accordingly to our secular tradition about DogFood, I migrated tw.o (tikiwiki.org) website to 1.9, to make it a perfect ground for an exhaustive quality process in 1.9 release cycle. That energy has a price and I hope you will bear the inconvenience of that more unstable ground. Help us to make it firmer !

TikiWiki 1.9 - Sirius - Release Process Ignited

Author: mose - Published

I blew the Release Trumpet some days ago on irc for announcing the ignition of the 1.9 Release Process. The cvs HEAD has been live and kicking for some 6 months now, used by some brave (or foolish) explorers in production environment with some known hazards (but not so many, finally).

Now we can release a public tarball of that version under the Release Candidate process that we followed for 1.8 with some enhancements that I list in the body of this article.

Quick version: Main points composing the 1.9 release process

  1. update changelog drastically
  2. prepare new bugtrackers using 1.9 tikiwiki trackers
  3. update all pages on tw.o linked from the bundled help system
  4. BRANCH-1-9 appear for 1.9 road to stability : Feature Freeze !
  5. 1.9rc1 will be released on june 19th (at 1:00 am ?)