This page is a constant work in progress and provides an overview of who is doing what in the Tiki community. This is not a top-down directive or anything, but rather a collaborative list to enable all in the community to work more effectively together.

Many contributors might still be missing from this list... please help to make this page better!

1. Introduction

Tiki Wiki CMS Groupware is a vast project. It's tricky for new people to know how the Tiki Community is organized to find the right person to contact to start to contribute. Newcomers often ask:

  • What may I expect from others within Tiki Community
  • What do others expect from me?
  • Who does what?
  • Who should I talk to? How does it work?

This page is intended to help answer these question.

Important: Everyone is a volunteer. Things get done because someone like you decides to take the time to make it better.

Tiki is a free and open source software project. Anyone can join and participate in the Tiki Community without paying or officially joining anything — simply register.

If you are new to open source, a good place to learn more about how open source software communities work is to read about it on Wikipedia.

Ready to Participate?

2. Project Administrators

2.1. What

The Tiki Admin Group is responsible for governance, overall coordination and all the rest including whatever that might fall between the cracks biggrin.

2.2. Who

Private discussion list: admin at tiki.org

3. Elders

3.1. What

Individuals who have provided an outstanding contribution to the project (usually ex-admins which have become inactive or are still active but prefer not to be formally in the admin group) and are consulted for important decisions. A bit like "Past presidents" in some nonprofits.

3.2. Who

  • mose
  • Florian Gleixner
  • Luis Argerich (founder). You can learn more about him here and here
  • Patrice Weber (nyloth) File Gallery, Calendar, SVN, release management, etc. (most of the code really)
  • Pascal Kustner (pkdille)
  • Sylvie Gréverend - php developer, architect
  • Rodrigo Sampaio Primo Brazilian translation, MediaWiki to Tiki importer
  • Changi67 | Infrastructure Team, Packaging Team

Elders can still be on the admin at tiki.org list

4. Security Team

4.1. What

The Security Team is a trusted group. This team is responsible to review security reports and to proceed to a pro-active audit at each major release. Security Team members are added by vote by the Admins following recommendations of current members.

4.2. Who

The security team is a small group of core developers and security consultants who volunteer their time to proactively promote security through testing and education, as well as respond to vulnerability reports received from external security analysts.

5. Developers

5.1. What

The Developers are the umbrella group responsible to make Tiki better as an application. Please see how to get commit access.

To reach "everyone":

5.2. Who

This is an incomplete list.

6. Consultants

Consulting Ecosystem is all about fostering healthy growth of the network of companies that conduct business using/around Tiki, which includes increasing the number of full-time Tiki consultants and making it easier for potential Tiki users to find the right consultants / service providers in the Tiki community to meet their needs.

To identify a Tiki Consultant/Service Provider that you can hire to help you with various aspects of Tiki usage please see: Consultants

7. All Roles and Teams

Please find out more about various Roles and Teams that you can participate in.

List of everyone who has contributed code

Please see: List of all code contributors

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