Chealer9, Saturday 14 February 2004, 20:40:25 GMT-0000
thanks paulap
Chealer9, Saturday 14 February 2004, 17:08:36 GMT-0000
paulap, come back on #tikiwiki and tell us how you did your table trick
chibaguy, Saturday 14 February 2004, 15:33:54 GMT-0000
Actually, george.geller, I've upgraded since 1.4, but this time there are inscrutible sql errors for me involving the tiki comments table -- a showstopper.
musus, Saturday 14 February 2004, 04:06:47 GMT-0000
well, there is one up side to being forced to use a terminal to connect.. i get to experience things from a completely different perspective. :-)
musus, Saturday 14 February 2004, 03:46:31 GMT-0000
please? :-)
musus, Saturday 14 February 2004, 03:33:13 GMT-0000
HELP! this is musus and i'm trapped without regular net access. all i have is TTY. can someone help me at least connect to irc?
swythan, Friday 13 February 2004, 22:02:35 GMT-0000
Woo Hoo! I just tested a Mozilla FireFox nightly trunk build, and I think the LeftColBug is fixed!
george.geller, Friday 13 February 2004, 21:10:36 GMT-0000
I don't think upgrading is that hard. I've done it for more than one tiki. The whiners must be Windows users.
bluemacon, Friday 13 February 2004, 20:27:44 GMT-0000
upgrading is hard. sniff. but mom, i waaaaaaaant 1.8.......
george.geller, Friday 13 February 2004, 18:18:52 GMT-0000
Where is the admin setting to turn off structures?
Damian, Friday 13 February 2004, 17:56:05 GMT-0000
kushnir, Friday 13 February 2004, 16:09:08 GMT-0000
Hi, I would like to get some comments from developer about tiki authentication possible connection with PAM and further winbind. WHERE DO I DO IT?
Damian, Friday 13 February 2004, 08:41:56 GMT-0000
FuzzyDice: Admin->General page.
Damian, Friday 13 February 2004, 08:41:32 GMT-0000
van_woods: Its happening with doc. uk. but not with mods. as there you only need to register if you want to submit or take part in the forums.
lilkahuna, Friday 13 February 2004, 07:18:44 GMT-0000
Answer for chibaguy: yes, there is a forum, not used though, and also page comments which upgraded ok. I do have weird error only at top of home page but not others: Xml error: junk after document element-2. Doesn't seem to affect display or functionality
FuzzyDice, Friday 13 February 2004, 02:39:45 GMT-0000
Where can I change the number of pages (currently 10) that are shown on the list-pages.php page?
van_woods, Friday 13 February 2004, 01:46:02 GMT-0000
Damian|mose: not sure on status of sharing user db tables, but shouldn't mods.tikiwiki.org (actually *.tikiwiki.org) not require that a user login again for each one?
chibaguy, Friday 13 February 2004, 01:08:13 GMT-0000
lilkahuna, I could upgrade an "empty" Tiki but not one with forum and page comments, etc. Did your upgraded site have forums in use, etc.?
digitalrinaldo, Thursday 12 February 2004, 21:04:08 GMT-0000
Where is the best place to post some ideas for allowing ldap authentication to use other fields to display instead of the uid
Damian, Thursday 12 February 2004, 21:03:13 GMT-0000
discomaster: the feature on/off toggle is bugged, Its fixed in cvs. Same Q that mpolat is asking
discomaster, Thursday 12 February 2004, 19:04:42 GMT-0000
How can i disable Help system from all the pages?
Damian, Thursday 12 February 2004, 13:01:18 GMT-0000
mpolat: Try the webcvs view from SourceForge project page.
mpolat, Thursday 12 February 2004, 10:26:41 GMT-0000
Damian, How can I correct this? Do you know any doc on the web, that show how to fix it? Thanks
Damian, Thursday 12 February 2004, 09:33:05 GMT-0000
We welcome two new sites to TikiWiki. http://hu.tikiwiki.org and http://mods.tikiwiki.org
lilkahuna, Thursday 12 February 2004, 04:54:45 GMT-0000
Congratulations to the Tiki crew on the 1.8 release. I upgraded from 1.75 with minimal problems.

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