bradb, Sunday 28 December 2003, 10:02:40 GMT-0000
2004 calendar is busted - dates are displayed on the wrong day of the week even though they say the correct day.
Chealer9, Sunday 28 December 2003, 08:26:25 GMT-0000
Happy holydays from Canada!
seanbracken, Sunday 28 December 2003, 08:23:52 GMT-0000
Happy Holiday fro Ireland
george.geller, Sunday 28 December 2003, 06:34:13 GMT-0000
tiki-install.php is working with cvs BRANCH-1-8 and the Default installation profile.
george.geller, Sunday 28 December 2003, 00:17:09 GMT-0000
It's the BasicEnabled Profile for easy use that seems to be causing the big problem for tiki-install.php.
george.geller, Saturday 27 December 2003, 23:58:44 GMT-0000
I think tiki-install.php is busted on the current head from CVS.
marian, Saturday 27 December 2003, 13:10:05 GMT-0000
mose, Saturday 27 December 2003, 00:09:40 GMT-0000
Please shuyang don't use tikiwiki.org for your personnal stuff. Install one and use yours rather.
shuyang, Friday 26 December 2003, 23:26:25 GMT-0000
Who can tell me how big size file I can upload into attach file?
modules, Friday 26 December 2003, 16:45:46 GMT-0000
hi together.
musus, Friday 26 December 2003, 05:17:51 GMT-0000
jangseungwook: come on #tikiwiki. We'll help you through it.
musus, Friday 26 December 2003, 05:16:37 GMT-0000
Same to you, colorado! :-)
jangseungwook, Friday 26 December 2003, 02:06:22 GMT-0000
I can't logon as admin. How can I find admin's password. Please help me ~
colorado, Thursday 25 December 2003, 18:25:32 GMT-0000
pmorry, Wednesday 24 December 2003, 15:39:40 GMT-0000
Would it be possible to make new pages inherit permissions from their parent page ?
pmorry, Wednesday 24 December 2003, 15:34:40 GMT-0000
No, I would like to know what php do ? may be my log in apache were not enough verbose ?
Damian, Wednesday 24 December 2003, 12:18:59 GMT-0000
pmorry, do you mean apache logs? /etc/httpd/logs/xxxxx?
pmorry, Tuesday 23 December 2003, 17:15:45 GMT-0000
The error come from php, we need php 4.2.2, php 4.2.1 doesn't work properly !
pmorry, Tuesday 23 December 2003, 16:01:23 GMT-0000
Hi, I try to create a user in tikiwiki 1.7 but it doesn't work ! How can i find what append... where can i see logs ?
colorado, Tuesday 23 December 2003, 15:05:49 GMT-0000
gongo, Tuesday 23 December 2003, 14:40:39 GMT-0000
anybody notice that last changes box in the module and the last changes in appmenu-wiki give different results? One would expect to see at least the same 20 pages in the same order nomatter how long ago, but the order misses and some wiki pages in the las
scious, Tuesday 23 December 2003, 14:14:20 GMT-0000
i am getting it when i login as admin whats the problem
scious, Tuesday 23 December 2003, 14:13:28 GMT-0000
i am getting a 404 error when i login what is the problem
adric, Tuesday 23 December 2003, 04:43:24 GMT-0000
so, to straigten out the module visibility thing, I need to go on up to 1.8?
Damian, Tuesday 23 December 2003, 00:41:30 GMT-0000