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  • At the present time, all the pages related to LearningManagementSystem at tw.o seem to have been mostly dead for about a year.
  • There is an initiative, instead, to continue joining efforts to improve Tiki use at educational contexts, and this is being achieved, so far, through the recetly updated (june'2005) edu.tw.o site: http://edu.tiki.org.
  • Please consider adding there your information, since all the information here (tiki team, etc.), is outdated, many people is not active anymore for LMS in tiki (except some of the ones stated at edu.tw.o, some features like HomeWork feature are lost in 1.9.0 official release due to lack of activity for a year, etc.) xavi

We want Tiki to become a good E-learning tool. We are currently building a team to make this happen.

Synonyms / buzzwords:

  • Computer Aided Instruction (CAI)
  • E-learning portal
  • E-education
  • Curriculum management system
  • Course Website Software
  • Learning Content Management System (LCMS)
  • Computer-supported collaborative learning (CSCL).
  • Web-based virtual classroom system
  • Web-based training
  • Cooperative curriculum development

What we need to do:

  1. build a team (done ?)
  2. make a list of desired features
  3. compare/list with available software tiki-directory_browse.php?parent=66
  4. redo #2
  5. decide if a partnership with an existing project is a good idea and feasible


add your name here!

Case Studies

Desired Features

  • Simple interface for a student at login, such as the one shown at Claroline/Dokeos
  • Calendar For classroom applications, the Calendar needs a major upgrade. How could this feature (or a new, separate Calendar-like feature) best serve educational needs?
  • Gradebook Course management features are needed, but these should go beyond merely creating new database tables (and appropriate input/output pages) to record or display grades. What do educators need from this feature? How could grade input features be incorporated into workflow management?
  • Permissions What changes or enhancements are needed to Tiki''s permissions model in order to facilitate classroom use?
  • Trackers How would Tiki's Trackers feature need to be enhanced in order to facilitate course management tasks, such as managing attendance records?
  • Workflow Much of what instructors do involves workflow: students submit work; instructors read this work, make comments, and determine a grade; the grade is recorded; and the work is returned to the student. How could Tiki's workflow features be adapted, customized, or enhanced to make workflow applications easily accessible and transparent to users?
  • Wiki history-diff by author It would be nice if in any wiki page, the history could be navigated by a lecturer/instructor in such a matter that changes by user could be easily identified and tracked. It would help to use wiki as a tool to evaluate a students contributions to a wiki page (student work, etc.). I mean something such it can be performed nowadays with Open Office suite programs through the "file>versions>compare>filter by author" option, and navigate through this person's changes. Xavi
  • Forums: How could forums be improved, so taht it's easier to use them in a pedagogical scenario? (to help evaluation of users' contributions to a discussion, topic,. etc., facilitate and even promote cooperqative learning and building of knowledge, etc..)

Detailed Specifications

Links to wiki pages with simulated screen dumps and discussions about how the new features will work.

Competition and standards

Please see links below

  • http://www.moodle.org - An lms that has most of what people are asking for here. And scorm compliant. Open source.
  • http://www.claroline.net (& http://www.dokeos.com, fork from Claroline): Some other quite used lms. Scorm compliant. Open Source.
  • http://www.atutor.ca: Another LMS, Scorm compliant, Open Source.
  • http://www.knowledgeforum.com: Propietary software, but nice reference for improving e-forums features to ease avaluating users' contributions to a discussion, topic,. etc., from a pedagogical point of view (cooperqative learning and building of knowledge, etc..
  • Fle 3: Flexible Learning Environment. OpenSource. Zope application. It's very good for easing "building knowledge" by group work (they do have, among others, the "knowledge types" integrated in their kind-of-forums for building knowledge. And they are open to translate their code to php... (see comment on moodle forums)

CVS Doc section

none yet


http://edu.tiki.org has been updated in June 2005. Please contribute there (forums, wiki pages) to improve the comunication among all people interested in Tiki for educational purposes.
How is Wikicampus going so far? Xavi - See the answer at edu.tw.o forums.

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